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Dr Julie Winstanley: Selected Publications since 2000 (most recent first)

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  • Vivat B, Young T, Winstanley J et al, on behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group (2015) Is there a relationship between spiritual wellbeing (SWB) and QOL? Findings from international validation of the EORTC QLQ-SWB32. Quality of Life Research, 24, Supplement 1:3, abstract 101 (http://link.springer.com/journal/11136/24/1/suppl/page/1)
  • Van den Hurk C, Winstanley J, Seetsen T, Berkvens N, O’Reilly A, Pugliano L, Young A, Boyle F (2015) Development of a standardised patient reported outcome measure for chemotherapy induced alopecia and scalp cooling (number 20-12-P) Supportive Care Cancer, 23 (Supplement 1): S265
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  • White E and Winstanley J [2014] Clinical Supervision and the helping professions: an interpretation of history. The Clinical Supervisor, 33:1, pp3-25 [ISSN 0732-5223] (One the top three most downloaded articles published in each Routledge Health and Social Care journal, in 2014)
  • Winstanley J and White E [2014] The Manchester Clinical Supervision Scale: MCSS-26. In: Watkins C E Jnr and Milne D [Eds] The Wiley International Handbook of Clinical Supervision. Chapter 17, Part IV: Measuring competence. John Wiley and Sons Ltd, Chichester [ISBN 9781119943327]
  • White E and Winstanley J [2014] Clinical Supervision: predicting best outcomes. Research Monograph. November. Osman Consulting Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia [ISBN 978-0-9807398-4-8; available on request from enquiries@osmanconsulting.com.au]
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    External Reviews:
    - Proctor B (2010) ‘an astonishing undertaking’. Journal of Research in Nursing, 15:2, pp 169-171
    - Watkins C E (2011) ‘one of three studies conducted over the last 30 years, that provide the best and clearest directions for further thought
    about conducting future successful research in the supervision-patient outcome area'. The Clinical Supervisor, 30:2, pp 1-22
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