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Dr Julie Winstanley
Dr Julie Winstanley is a Director of Osman Consulting Pty Ltd, a dedicated health care research and biostatistical consulting company, established in 2001, Australia and Associate Professor/Principal Research Fellow, Northern Clinical School, Sydney Medical School, University of Sydney, Australia and an Honorary Reader, Centre for Biostatistics, The University of Manchester, England.
  • She holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Biostatistics, a Masters degree in Public Health and Epidemiology, and a Bachelors degree in Mathematics. In addition, she holds the professional qualification of Chartered Statistician, Royal Statistical Society of the United Kingdom and is a Chartered Scientist
  • She has considerable expertise in:
    • Rasch Analysis
    • Psychometric methods
    • Questionnaire design and surveys 
    • Health outcome measurement
    • Quality of life instruments
    • Reliability and validity studies/health assessment instruments
    • Evaluation methods
    • Statistical analysis of complex datasets
  • She is fully proficient in a range of statistical software (IBM SPSS, AMOS, RUMM 2030) and database packages (Access and Excel) and in bringing the analysis of complex datasets to fruition
  • She has an extensive publication track record in a wide range of disciplines, particularly in the areas of cancer research, mental health, rehabilitation and nursing. She has jointly authored over 100 published articles (peer-reviewed papers, books, book chapters and reports) and over 40 conference presentations, posters and abstracts
  • With fellow Director, Osman Consulting Pty Ltd (White), she has jointly published a Research Monograph on implementation and evaluation methods of Clinical Supervision (a method of providing support to staff in their workplace)
  • She is an active member of the EORTC Quality of Life [QoL] Group and has led and contributed to the development of QoL modules for Melanoma, Spiritual Well Being, Oral Health and Patient Satisfaction.
  • Her personal areas of research are in psychometrics, cancer quality of life, clinical supervision evaluation methods, brain injury, melanoma and health outcomes research.
(Full curriculum vitae available upon application)

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